Marko Trnavac and his young and talented colleagues decided to start a  new brass band.

The brass band „Marko Trnavac Brass Band“ was formed in 2014.


Members of the band:

Marko Trnavac –  trumpet
Aleksandar Minovic – trumpet
Jovica Jovanovic – trumpet
Dusan Simovic – tenor
Uros Ivanovic – tenor
Ivan Mitric – tenor
Goran Radosavljevic – tuba bass
Srdjan Beloica – tapan
Marko Mitrovic – drums



The repertoire of the orchestra is diverse. They play new and old Serbian traditional music, as well as modern and foreign songs, the music from the Balkans , popular pop and rock song from EX YU and world hit in oven arrangement.

Members of the band have won many important awards in the trumpet competitions. Now they prepare for the most important trumpet competition in Guca 2018 .

Brass band is also preparing their first  album.

In Serbia there is no good celebration without a trumpet orchestra. Marko Trnavac Brass Band is a welcomed guest at many of those celebrations.